The Andrew Gillett Scholarship

The Andrew Gillett Scholarship was founded in memory of Mr Andrew Gillett, one of the founding members of the Gilgandra & District Cancer Fundraisers.

The Scholarship, administered by GDCF, provides an opportunity for professional and non-professional persons to undertake training increasing their knowledge and skills to bring back into our local community.

Through training it is envisaged that this will further enhance their knowledge, expertise and skills in assisting cancer and palliative clients and their carers in the Gilgandra district.

Who can apply?

Anyone who can demonstrate a commitment to provide services to cancer patients and their carers in Gilgandra and district, not only health professionals.

Courses and fields of study could include: Conferences, Workshops, Volunteer training, Facilitator training, Massage, Undergraduate and post graduate study and any other related areas of need.

For further information please contact Gilgandra & District Cancer Fundraisers.